Set your standards high in 2018

Banners, Flags, Standards, Displays, Eyelet Banners, Exhibition Panels, Café Barriers, Feather Flags, Hand Flags, POS, Pop-ups, Roller Banners…Yes we do!


They come in every shape, size and colour and whatever your message and however you want to display it there are few better ways of getting your company or event noticed.

Colours can be bold, there is no need for subtlety on a 5 metre high Feather Flag.

Here at Love Your Logo we can produce entire ranges of display material, all coordinated and fabulously eye-catching. Imagine the effect of matching banners, signage and point of sale for an in store promotion. Perhaps you are organising an outdoor event and you want flags to match team T-shirts or hoodies?

Flags make a statement, they are unmissable and guaranteed to provoke a second look, let’s face it, when was the last time you saw a flag and didn’t wonder what it was all about or try to get a closer look?

And, the great news is that prices are a lot lower than you might imagine as production technology becomes more and more efficient. Gone are the days when large format printing of all types was available to only those businesses with very deep pockets and bottomless marketing budgets.

Take a look at our range of Banner Stands and Displays and if there’s anything that catches your eye, give us a call.

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