What can I buy somebody with dementia?

We like to fill our blog with great ideas and fun features, nothing too serious because we are after all in an ‘entertainment industry’ of sorts.

But this week, one of our team was asked a really serious and thought provoking question.

What can I buy for somebody with dementia?

Not a question that we have ever been asked but one that we were delighted to investigate so we spoke to our good friend Pauline Herring, MD of Everycare Central Surrey who came up with the following.

‘‘It is important to remember that while a loved one maybe suffering from dementia they are still the same person, so while they might not react in the same way as before, if they liked steam trains or football before it is most likely that a gift featuring their favourites will still bring joy’


However, dementia being the cruel condition it is, can affect people in different ways so it is always best to engage your loved one in conversation before giving a gift. One great idea is to give something that appeals to long-term memories, a photo album, a personalised print on a cushion, or a jigsaw with a favourite place or even a family member or special event.

Music can also be a great comfort so how about a playlist featuring some of their favourite? If your loved one is in a care home or residential unit, please make sure that your gift is appropriate to their location.

For some sufferers, particularly those living in the later stages of dementia a sensory item might be ideal, a teddy bear or soft toy.

Whatever you choose, select with care and thought for the individual…the fact that you have taken time will mean a lot.’’

So, there you have it, not one of our regular blog posts but one that you may find useful.