A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a very long way

How often do we say thanks to the people that keep our businesses running?

Why do we leave it until a member of staff is leaving to show them how much they are appreciated? Surely it makes sense to tell them while they are still working, just think how big a boost it is to be told ‘great job’ ‘well done’ or ‘keep up the good work’.

A well timed thank you can work wonders for somebody’s confidence.

But of course we would say that wouldn’t we, here at Love Your Logo we sell personalised merchandise that’s just perfect for a gift…but here’s a surprise, it doesn’t need to be something that you have bought from us!

A bottle of wine, a warm handshake, a new mug and the promise of a brew (we sell personalised mugs if you’re absolutely determined to use us), a box of chocolates (we do branded sweets, just saying) a simple card or a gift token for a favourite shop are all great, inexpensive ways to show somebody that you appreciate their efforts.

So give it a thought, who do you work with that deserves a thank you?


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