Help…I’m addicted to stationery!

Post-its, pens, pencils, Sharpies, staplers, highlighters (in different colours!), notebooks, erasers, folders, box-files…and those little coloured labels that you mark a page with.


We all love a stationery order, the typical office supplies company catalogue is packed with stuff we didn’t even know existed, that we would almost certainly never use, and frankly, in many cases not even know what to do with…but that does not stop us from grabbing the book in both hands and eagerly riffling through the glossy pages, before exclaiming ‘oh my, they do those in red’.

So, what’s better than stationery?…Branded stationery of course!

Love Your Logo can supply all kinds of stationery with your company brand and it’s not only great for use in your own office, it’s ideal for giving away to clients, suppliers, friends and customers…Just take a look around your office, how many potential branding opportunities can you see?

Work is where it all begins though, the thrill of a stationery order, the flit round the office to see who needs what, and more importantly, in what colour. It is not just biros and ruled A 4 pads anymore, we all have our favourites and heaven help the poor soul that orders the wrong type of gel-pen, you know, ‘the one that writes nice and has a lovely chewy end?’

On the subject of pens, the first patent for a ballpoint was applied for in 1888 but it was not until the Biro brothers, Laszlo and Gyorgy developed a quick drying ink that the design was made practical. The brothers introduced their pens in 1943 and the new invention was picked up by the RAF for use by aircrew.

Such is the fascination that we have as a nation with office requisites of all sorts that more than 20 celebrities have chosen stationery as their luxury item on Desert Island Discs!

So next time you are putting in a stationery order think about branding and give us a call.