A very fond farewell to Bentley Motors

All good things must come to an end and after 5 glorious years of working with one of the most high profile companies in the world, the time has come to tell all!

You may not have known about the work we have produced for Bentley, and there’s a very good reason for that…we didn’t really tell anybody. But now as we say goodbye at the end of the fixed five-year agreement we are delighted to say thanks to all of our friends in Crewe and offer a bit of an explanation about why, despite strong temptation we have never shouted from the rooftops about our prestigious client.

First, it’s rude to boast and not very British to make a song and dance about oneself. Better to let people find out for themselves that you are really good than keep banging on about how great you are.

Second, ours is a discrete service. Many of our clients are agencies and we would never divulge the level of work we undertake on their behalf, it’s an old fashioned principle called ‘Respect’.

And finally, there are occasions where we sign NDA’s or Non-Disclosure Agreements, in fact you might be surprised to learn of just how many such arrangements we have with clients. Over 100,000 individually personalised embroidered items, delivered safe and sound since 2013!

Now, we are not ignoring point one about boasting but the reason for this little blog is to say goodbye to a very special business relationship that has made us some life-long friends. Everything you may have heard about their customer service is true, here is a company that does business the right way and we could not be more proud of our association with a truly great marque.


During the past 5-years we have provided on-site support and supplied bespoke branded clothing for around 5000 people and we like to think that we faced the challenge of measuring and kitting out every employee with a smile…even the night shift!

The Bentley name is synonymous with quality and it has been a genuine pleasure to work with their teams in Crewe and others around the world.

Thanks guys…it’s been a privilege. Barry, Martin, Sarah, Lisa, Will and all the team at LYL (including Tilly)