Ooops…The Cone of Shame


We recently made a few changes to our website and not to put too fine a point on it…everybody hated it.

The links and features all worked perfectly and we are delighted with the functionality but the design lacked a little subtlety. Rather embarrassing for a company that has provided design advice for many thousands of satisfied clients over the last 15 years.

Perhaps then it’s a case of what the French refer to as ”Les cordonniers sont les plus mal chauss├ęs.” or ”Cobblers are the worst shod” ?

We listened to your comments, some hurtful but mainly constructive and we have gone back to the drawing board.

We hope you Love the ‘new new’ website.

Thanks to everyone that commented, your opinions are greatly appreciated and of course we would love to get your thoughts on the new site.

Thanks also for continuing to drop by, we try to make our website as easy to navigate as possible with a mix of great new ideas, fun and informative blogs and comprehensive clothing and merchandise ideas.

As ever, please call or email with comments, questions and enquiries.

All the best,

Barry & the team