Create something unique by sourcing your own bespoke clothing, designed and branded to your specification. By going bespoke, you can specify the precise trims, features, contrasts, materials, fit and garment weight of the clothing. Make a great impression and give your staff a professional look, as well as enabling better team spirit.

In terms of volume, for a bespoke garment project we’d expect a run to be in the hundreds of garments rather than the tens. We’ll be able to give you a better idea if you talk to us about what you’re planning. We’ll help you and guide the design to be something special that truly reflects your brand.

Bespoke projects typically take two months for off-the-shelf fabric, but if dyeing is required to match your Pantone colour it can take three to four months. For complex projects or large runs, this process can take slightly longer. However, we strive to make your brief come alive and work hard to achieve the look and feel you desire.


Garment timeline:


– Initial designs

– Fabric identification with swatches or development (if required)

– Colour dyeing with lab dips (if required for Pantone accuracy)

– Sample garment for design and fit

– Garment approval

– Pre-production sample in the correct fabric and colour

– Final bulk delivery


Bespoke gives you the ability to do whatever you want when it comes to designing your organisation’s uniform, workwear, or merchandise. We use our experience and great suppliers to manage the process end to end, from the specification, pricing and sampling, to production and delivery.

As with all our other services, the more units you order, the cheaper the price. However, our experience and supplier relationships may mean we are able to negotiate a great price even on complex bespoke projects.

The Buyer's Guide To Branded Corporate Clothing & Workwear